Bromeliad Aechmea Single Pot

Bromeliad Aechmea Single Pot

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    Single Bromeliad Aechmea in a Plastic Pot.

    Colorful and full of character, the "Blue Rain" Bromeliad Aechmea cannot go unnoticed in any setting. This care-easy plant has full, glossy foliage that radiates outwards from a central tank. Emerging from the rosette is a spike (or bract) with purple, white, pink endings that produce tiny, indiscreet flowers.

    LIGHT: Bromeliad Aechmeas will thrive in moderate - low light.  Leaves will turn yellow if they are getting too much light.

    WATER:  Your bromeliad is more likely to suffer from over-watering than under-watering. Bromeliads have a tank (the central well which the flower stalk arises out of) which is how they collect a lot of the water they need.

    In an indoor environment, it is best not to let "old" water sit in the tank - this variety is particularly sensitive to stagnant water.  Water your bromeliads twice a week by letting water run through the tank for a minute or two. Pour out any excess water. Mist leaves daily.



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